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We have administrators with great experience in providing services in the AS / 400 environment in person or remotely.



- DASD and Performance, alert monitoring, report of incidents in applications or technical equipment

- Execution of specific processes

- AD HOC tasks and configuration of applications, process management, savings and management of BRMS, execution of IPL (reboot) and execution of backups.


Batch monitoring:

- Management of the batch process end-to-end and immediate report of incidents.


LPAR configuration:

- Configuration BRMS, ASP management, network configuration, PTF's managing, OS400, LIC pgms.


Operating system upgrade:

- Upgrade of OS400, Image Catalogs, Restores, OS Configuration, PTF's loads and testing.


Database Administration:

- GAZUM Technologies offers solutions and services that allow your company to minimize the complexity and maximize the value of the investments made in the Database. We can provide you with extensive experience in database design, data modeling, projections and database migrations. From management to monitoring mission critical databases, standardization of business rules, and procedures through the organization to the redesign and migration of large data structures. GAZUM Technologies has the necessary experience to minimize interruptions and bring to the optimal state your database management system (DBMS) and solutions to manage upgrades, patch deployments, replication, data loading, and performance improvements.

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