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Web Services

We work with Amazon Web Services to offer migrations of your system in the cloud. This solution is certified by SAP and has many benefits that we invite you to explore.


Amazon Web Services or AWS (for its acronym), proposes a set of solutions in the cloud, with the aim of meeting the needs of your company. The solutions proposed by AWS are modular and scalable, knowing their needs from GAZUM Technologies we can advise on the best alternative to incorporate AWS services.


Working with cloud services allows you to gain speed in the migration, configuration and execution of applications.

Available services:

- Computing: virtual servers in the cloud; application execution and administration; batch jobs; automatic elasticity

- Storage: scalable information backup; block storage; storage of files; hybrid storage integration; data transfer at the exabytes scale;

- Database: relational managed high performance; Database service administered for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server and Maria DB.

- Migration: tools on premise to simplify migration.

- Networks and content delivery.


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