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Security & Audit

GAZUM Technologies helps you reduce vulnerabilities as well as keep your systems minimizing risks, based on the best security practices in the market.


The methodology of an audit of the SAP® system focuses on reviewing the current configuration of the SAP® system installed, in order to expose the flaws that may jeopardize the security of the information that resides therein.

It should be noted that the SAP® system can provide a high degree of security in operations and that it has a large number of controls embedded in it, both configurable and inherent. Through the Audit and Security service, we focus on the security parameters that can be configured to make the operation of your business more effective and safe, both at the level of the application controls and at the level of the basic controls.


Main areas of consideration in an audit:

- Roles and functions

- Remote access

- Preventive actions (monitoring)

- Reactive actions (alerts)

- Protection of sensitive functions, programs and data

- Changes in the Production System

- User administration


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