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Version Upgrades

The version upgrade of your system requires detailed planning to ensure high availability, without affecting your critical production activities.

GAZUM Technologies participates in all phases of your version update process. From the process of decision, evaluation, planning and execution of the project to the support of the new version.


We can advise you on the justification of an Upgrade project:

What is the value proposition of the new versions for your company? What is the budget required to perform the update? What is the support horizon that SAP offers for the different versions? Would your current infrastructure support a version change? What type of upgrade should you do: technical, functional or both? What is the impact on the organization of a version change?


As we can see, in an update project, multiple considerations are necessary, and our consultants can help you solve. Some of the professional services developed include: updating plan, technical update of the implemented solutions, sizing of the equipment and generation of test environments, technical support to the functional team, adaptation, testing and configuration of the administration and monitoring tools in the new version, contingency plan before the possibility of eventual inconveniences during the course of the project of updating and training of users to make the most of the infrastructure implemented.


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