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SAP Hosting Partner


Through the SAP® Hosting Partner program, SAP® customers have access to a group of service providers that are especially recognized by SAP for optimizing their operations, supporting SAP applications and the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. This recognition gives service providers a distinctive advantage and in turn ensures that they guarantee their customers compliance with certain standards driven by SAP®.


We develop methodology and a detailed analysis to help you meet the necessary requirements to certify as SAP Hosting Partner. We know the metrics and the objectives that SAP® proposes and we commit ourselves so that your company reaches these objectives satisfactorily.


To help your company to obtain the certification as SAP® Hosting Partner, GAZUM Technologies contributes its experience. In this way, your company will comply with different business criteria:

- Evaluation of planned objectives

- Participation in the transfer of knowledge

- Business development as SAP® Partner

- Advance meetings

- Customer satisfaction


Additionally, to complete a successful certification, it is a requirement to comply with the SAP® Excellence Quality program:

- SAP® Services Portfolio

- Data Centers

- Network and Connectivity

- Managed backup and disaster recovery

- IT Service management processes

- Application hosting

- Security

- Administration skill

- Project Management


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