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SolMan Training courses will let you know all the functionality of SAP® Solution Manager. The courses of SolMan Training have 5 modules:

  • Basic Knowledge

  • Implementation and Operation

  • Methodology

  • Run SAP®

  • Workshops


SAP® NetWeaver technology allows you to align the existing platform to your business needs. With SAP® NetWaver you can take a quantum leap and evolve from your existing IT infrastructure to an IT infrastructure that is much more cost-effective, with notable improvements in efficiency and greater flexibility. The use of SAP® NetWeaver will allow you to consolidate heterogeneous systems, applications and data to simplify your company's IT environment. The improvement in efficiency proposed by SAP® NetWeaver will allow you to redirect your resources from operational tasks to strategic areas and innovation, generating important competitive advantages for your company. SAP® NetWeaver courses are offered in 10 modules:

  • Basic Knowledge

  • SNW Programming Core I

  • SNW Programming Core II

  • SNW Programming Web Apps

  • E-Curriculum ABAP Programmer

  • E-Curriculum BI Specialist

  • Cross Component Role: User & Security Role

  • SAP® Testing Tools

  • Platform Technology

  • Technology Associate Professional

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