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Mobile Apps 


The speed, the permanent change and the vertigo of current business, boosted the boom of smartphones and mobile devices. Today, the technological explosion of communications has greatly facilitated access to key business processes in real time and everywhere. Our apps arise in response to this growing "mobility" in organizations, bringing together applications developed as they capitalize and enhance the benefits of the accessible company at all times and in all places.

Developments on iPhone and iPad
GAZUM Technologies was established as Apple Official Developer, with the technical development resources and the necessary support team to design and maintain the developed applications.

For all our mobile developments we rely on three fundamental pillars as key success factors:

1. Integrate and develop applications on the market's leading technology platforms.
2. Incorporate excellent performance processes according to the potential of the mobile device, the existing network coverage and the data traffic required by the mobile process / application.
3. Use an intuitive and attractive design for the end user of the application in such a way as to promote its use and minimize the experience curve.


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