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SAP Hybris

The implementation of SAP Hybris provides the necessary tools for an advanced management of clients through contextual marketing and in real time. It allows you to design specific strategies to emotionally impact customers and completely manage different types of e-commerce; B2B, B2C through the multiple contact and transaction channels with customers.


With SAP® Hybris it is possible to take your company's Commercial Intelligence to another level.

This set of solutions allows you to individualize the behaviors and motivations of your current and potential clients, in such a way as to allow the processing of contextual marketing at unlimited scales.


Contextual Marketing is the evolution of 1-to-1 marketing or "personalization". It consists of 3 fundamental pillars:


Any historical transaction generated with the company: request for quotations, orders, purchases, shipments, claims, preferences, etc.


Prospective analysis based on the client's profile.


Purchase intentions and motivations in the present.

These phases of interaction with the client provide the necessary information to leverage in the development of a more individualized experience whose final objective is to obtain a much higher degree of loyalty. The responses to each campaign and each interaction with the client are captured in their profile, so that marketing strategies can be more personalized.


The Hybris marketing solution provides information in real time, providing the necessary agility to the commercial and marketing departments of our clients.


The set of solutions Hybris consist in 9 products, them combined take the customer experience with the brands to a superior level.





Hybris Marketing Data Management

Hybris Marketing Convert

Hybris Marketing Planning

Hybris Marketing Recommendation

Hybris Marketing Loyalty

Hybris Marketing Insights

Hybris Marketing Segmentation

Hybris Marketing Acquisition

Hybris Marketing Orchestration

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